Unmute Transition

When I was interning at the Central Florida Wesley Foundation at UCF, I was asked to make a transition video to go between announcements and the message.  I came up with this.  The series was about prayer: how there is noise all the time, all around us. Unmute Transition Vid from Michael Margio on Vimeo.

A meditation

I wrote this song while I was meditating on some scripture.  Sometimes I like to listen to it on loop and just meditate on God’s Word.  It kind of has this ambiance to it, that makes it simple to listen to without having to take much thought.  It kind of just adds a little musical … [Read more…]

A Piano Piece

This is a short and sweet little waltz for piano. I wrote to test the sound of a new piano virtual instrument that I had bought. It sounds great. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Letter to Redeemer Church

Marshall Head created the motion graphics for this, and I created the music to go along with it. The music is a mix of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. It has a cheery tune and exciting feel. This was done in 2009 for Redeemer Church in New York. Letter to Redeemer

A hopeful theme

I wrote this piece for a friend who was making a promotional video for a non-profit organization.  It’s a little grungier than a lot of my pieces, but still fun and brings a lot of hope, kind of dawn coming to a very long night. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]